Welcome to Brandon’s Place 

Where individuals with autism can be themselves and have fun! 

Brandon’s Place is a new non profit organization located in Oakwood Village, Ohio that provides personalized and interactive services to the autism community. Our focus is providing recreational programming for individuals with autism and their families.  We are a non-thereauputic center.  We serve those just diagnosed through adulthood,  just choose a program, sign up and have fun! 

Check our online calendar for program descriptions, days and times.

Big News!

Big News!

Listen up… 

Brandon’s Place made a big announcement on the Grace Roberts Morning Show. Thank you 107.3 The Wave for giving us this opportunity and allowing us to bring more awareness to the community and to the families we look forward to serving!

 Our Personal Journey                                                                                                    

Mom and Brandon Website

Brandon’s Place was developed from my own personal journey in raising my son Brandon. Shortly after he was born, I noticed something was different from his older brother Alex.  Brandon wasn’t reaching any of the same milestones that Alex had reached.  When Brandon was 1 year old, I started seeking help from his pediatrician.  After explaining to the doctor the many struggles Brandon was facing I remember asking the question, “If this was your child what would you do?”  He said he would make an appointment with a neurologist.  Trusting the doctor’s advice, I made an appointment immediately.  During his appointment, the neurologist recommended an MRI, and when the results came back a week later, the doctor said “there is nothing medically wrong with your son” and sent us on our way.  

What happened next changed our lives forever —

Thoughts from one very happy mother...

"I wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have created with Brandon‘s Place. In my wildest dreams I didn’t think I would see a change in Frances, I only hoped to get her out of the house for some social interaction. After just a few weeks of coming to Brandon’s Place, Frances has come out of her shell and has started taking the initiative to speak to other children her age. I could not believe it when a friend of mine came to the house with her two boys and as soon as they walked in Frances started talking a million miles a minute to the boys. Typically she would not warm up to them until it was just about time for them to leave. I can’t swear to this but I am pretty sure that this new found confidence has also motivated Frances in other ways also. She ran a 5K last weekend, she started riding her bike, she goes places by herself now and she even has gotten a volunteer "job" that she is very excited about. I can not thank you enough for creating this place where my child can get the "therapy" she needs, outside of a clinical setting!"