Welcome to Brandon’s Place! 

Where individuals with autism “Just have fun”

Brandon’s Place is a nonprofit organization located in Oakwood Village, Ohio that provides social and vocational programming to individuals with autism and their families.  We are a non-therapeutic center and serve those just diagnosed through adulthood.

Just choose a program, sign up and have fun!



 Our Personal Journey                                                                                                    

Mom and Brandon Website

Brandon’s Place was developed from my own personal journey in raising my son Brandon. Shortly after he was born, I noticed something was different from his older brother Alex.  Brandon wasn’t reaching any of the same milestones that Alex had reached.  When Brandon was 1 year old, I started seeking help from his pediatrician.  After explaining to the doctor the many struggles Brandon was facing I remember asking the question, “If this was your child what would you do?”  He said he would make an appointment with a neurologist.  Trusting the doctor’s advice, I made an appointment immediately.  During his appointment, the neurologist recommended an MRI, and when the results came back a week later, the doctor said “there is nothing medically wrong with your son” and sent us on our way.  

What happened next changed our lives forever —