Welcome to Brandon’s Place

A personal approach to supporting the autism community 

Brandon’s Place is a brand new non profit organization located in Oakwood Village that provides personalized and interactive services to the autism community. We are a non therapeutic center.  Our focus is providing recreational opportunities for individuals with autism and their families.  We serve those just diagnosed through adulthood. All you have to do is find a fun and exciting program, sign up and have fun! 

Thoughts from one very happy mother...

"I wanted to take a moment of your time to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have created with Brandon‘s Place. In my wildest dreams I didn’t think I would see a change in Frances, I only hoped to get her out of the house for some social interaction. After just a few weeks of coming to Brandon’s Place, Frances has come out of her shell and has started taking the initiative to speak to other children her age. I could not believe it when a friend of mine came to the house with her two boys and as soon as they walked in Frances started talking a million miles a minute to the boys. Typically she would not warm up to them until it was just about time for them to leave. I can’t swear to this but I am pretty sure that this new found confidence has also motivated Frances in other ways also. She ran a 5K last weekend, she started riding her bike, she goes places by herself now and she even has gotten a volunteer "job" that she is very excited about. I can not thank you enough for creating this place where my child can get the "therapy" she needs, outside of a clinical setting!"

 Our Personal Journey                                                                                                    

Mom and Brandon Website

Brandon’s Place was developed from my own personal journey in raising my son Brandon. Shortly after he was born, I noticed something was different from his older brother Alex.  Brandon wasn’t reaching any of the same milestones that Alex had reached.  When Brandon was 1 year old, I started seeking help from his pediatrician.  After explaining to the doctor the many struggles Brandon was facing I remember asking the question, “If this was your child what would you do?”  He said he would make an appointment with a neurologist.  Trusting the doctor’s advice, I made an appointment immediately.  During his appointment, the neurologist recommended an MRI, and when the results came back a week later, the doctor said “there is nothing medically wrong with your son” and sent us on our way.  

What happened next changed our lives forever —